The simplest solution is often the most elegant. Whether modern or traditional in style, design should feel timeless. Wherever a sense of openness is possible, or improved connectivity can be achieved, these opportunities should be pursued. Whenever the pleasures of the environment can be brought into a space, they should be. These are a few concepts we consistently rely on.


  • Design

    We specialize in new-construction multi-family and mixed-use developments. Whether it's 10 units or 100 units, our approach is collaborative, efficient and systematic in how we develop creative solutions to help you fully realize your goals. It's about knowing what all of your options are, and feeling confident in every decision you make. Also, it's important that the design process is enjoyable and inspiring for everyone involved.

  • Permitting

    With your project designed, we will help you navigate through your local planning and building departments to get your design approved and permitted for construction.


Born in Newport Beach, raised in San Diego, and completing his undergrad in Santa Barbara, architect Trent Kelly is very familiar with the coastal lifestyle and it's design aesthetic. After completing his Masters of Architecture in 2007, he gained invaluable experience working for several reputable architectural firms, small and large, on a variety of interesting project types. Ultimately his obsession with residential design compelled him to open his studio, Coastal Form Architects.

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    • / Masters of Architecture, NSAD 2007
    • / BA: Architectural History, UCSB 2004
    • / BA: Psychology, UCSB 2004